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Proposals for (Individual) Contributions to the 12th International Congress of Ethnobiology in Tofino British Columbia Canada (9-14 May 2010) are due 18 September  2009.

This project reflects some of the uses being made by indigenous peoples of new media in communicating about conflicts over the shaping of cultural landscapes.  The material is in Spanish but the website is well worth a look.

If you are interested in the struggles out of which cultural landscape emerge and are in Winnipeg you might be interested in checking out the following talk by Malcolm Rogge:

If you interests tend to the ethnobotanical you may be interested to check out the Journal of Ethnobotanical Research and Applications.  By going to their website you can download articles which at this time does not require a subscription.

The Sustainable Forest Management Network will hold a Celebration in 2009 in the Gatineau April 21-23.  This may be the last one so don’t miss it.

The schedule for the International Association for the Commons has not been posted and is available on the IASC 2008 website.

My work of the past twenty years has been with indigenous communities whose way of life draws from the forest as much as or more than what is cultivated in the field. For communities in the Bolivian Amazon and in the boreal forest of northwestern Ontario, fishing is an important part of that way of life. However, my interests have largely involved plant harvesters. This changed recently when a student of mine wanted to undertake a project in the Caribbean where she had previously worked. One of the things that I pleasantly learned, it is hard to learn unpleasantly in the Caribbean, is that going to look at a cultural landscape that is completely new can bring out new insights.[nggallery id="15"]

An enduring tension, and often a contradiction, regarding cultural landscapes is whether we should conserve the form of a cultural landscape or the processes that allow cultural landscapes to emerge and adapt. I thought about this a lot as I travelled through northern California from Fort Bragg through the Anderson Valley, past San Francisco and into the area around Paso Robles.[nggallery id="14"]

The 32nd Session of the World Heritage Committee to meet in Quebec City July 2nd to July 10th.

The Canadian Encyclopedia has included an entry for Aboriginal Cultural Landscapes authored by Susan Buggey. Check it out!