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Miriam Rudolph I was born and raised in Paraguay. My family background is German. Five years ago I came to Canada to study Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba. I did a double major in painting and printmaking and I graduated with my BFA Honours in May 2007. Currently I am enrolled in the Faculty of Education. I stay involved with the art community by teaching workshops at the WAG and Martha Street Studio. My works are visual diaries that narrate my experiences and perceptions of different places I have been to. It is important for me to experience my surroundings very consciously, to be aware of details and to render the essence of a place in my artwork. Beneath the narrative of memories lies the concept of my search for belonging that I experience after living in three different countries and cultures. My work shows places that I feel connected to and serves to document, to evaluate and to remember. I use a mapping method which has a lot of symbolic meaning for the search of belonging, because maps facilitate searching, way finding and revisiting. The map-like structure of my paintings allows me to build up a narrative of different experiences simultaneously. Also inspired by maps is the repetition of similar shapes that resemble cartographic symbols.

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The essence of a place – this is what I am trying to capture with my art; the image, the thought, the memory that describes a place. What makes a place what it is? The vegetation, the architecture, the colours, its history, the organization and structure of objects within it, the people that inhabit it. When I experience a place I try to take in all these things. I pay attention to details, to colours, to smells, to sounds. I am consciously aware of everything going on around me and I want to retain everything within me. I want to take it with me wherever I go. I internalize the places I paint. My  prints and paintings are memories of landscapes and cultures that I am part of and that are part of me. I claim to capture the essence of a place, yet at the same time it is my personal perception of a place that I depict. I decide what I include or omit in a picture, what I want to remember and what I don’t care about, but there is enough visual information in my work for people to recognize a place.

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