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Owain Jones I am, broadly, a cultural geographer, with a range of theoretical and substantive interests. These can be grouped under the headings; nature-society relations, landscape and place, geographies of children and childhood, geographies of the non-human. I have interests in developing ‘non-representational’ approaches to landscapes - focusing on memory, emotion, affect and performativity. I have worked upon a series of UK Research Council sponsored post-doctoral projects since gaining his PhD in 1997. I have an MA in Geography and Environmental Policy (UWE); an MSc in Society and Space (Bristol); an MA in Creative Writing (BSUC), and a PhD in human geography (Bristol). Selected publications: 2008/9 Jones O., ‘Dwelling’ in R. Kitchen and N. Thrift (eds.), International Encyclopaedia of Geography, London: Elsevier (in production). 2008/9 Jones O., ‘Nature-Culture’ in R. Kitchen and N. Thrift (eds.), International Encyclopaedia of Geography, London: Elsevier (in production). 2008/9 Jones O., ‘After Nature: Entangled Worlds’ in N. Castree, D. Demeritt, D. Liverman and B. Rhoads, (eds.), A Companion to Environmental Geography Oxford: Blackwell Publishing (in production). 2008/9 Jones O., and Cloke P., ‘Non-human agencies: trees, relationality, time and place’, in C. Knappett and L. Malafouris, (eds.) Material Agency: towards a non-anthropocentric approach, Guilford: Springer. (in production). 2008 Jones O., ‘Of Trees and Trails: place in a globalised world’, in N. Clark, D. Massey, and P. Sarre (eds.) Material Geographies: A World in the Making, London: Sage in association with the Open University, pp 214-264. 2008 Jones O., ‘“True geography [ ] quickly forgotten, giving away to an adult-imagined universe”. Approaching the otherness of childhood’. Special issue on Methodologies of Researching Childhood. Children’s Geographies, (ed.) R. Baker pp 195-212. 2008 Jones O., ‘Stepping from the Wreckage: Non-representational theory and the promise of pragmatism’ in special issue on Pragmatism and Geography, Geoforum, edited by N. Wood and S. Smith, Geoforum, 39, 1600-1612. 2005 Jones O., ‘An Emotional Ecology of Memory, Self and Landscape’, in J. Davidson, L. Bondi and M. Smith (eds.) Emotional Geographies, Oxford, Ashgate, pp 205-218. 2005 Cloke, P., and Jones O., ‘“Unclaimed Territory”: Childhood and Disordered Spaces(s)’, Social and Cultural Geography, 6, 3, pp 311-323. 2002 Jones O., and Cloke P., Tree Culture: The Place of Trees, and Trees in their Place, Oxford: Berg, 252pp.


Video Work: ‘Opening Space: walking the common’

(Running time 20minutes 56 seconds)

This is a video presentation made for the “Opening Space: Approaching commons through new conceptualisations of places and landscapes”. A special session at the 12th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Commons, “Governing shared resources: connecting local experience to global challenges” University of Gloucestershire (Cheltenham), 14th -18th July, 2008).

Thanks very much to the site editors for the invitation to place the video on the site.

Please note: compressing it for web broadcast has lessened the image quality, especially if you try to view it on full screen.