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Rights-based Approach to Conservation

Failure to conserve natural resources and biodiversity can undermine human rights as well as the rights of individuals and/or local communities under national law, while nature conservation can also support the respect for and fulfillment of these rights. Unfortunately, certain approaches to conservation have the potential to clash with (human) rights, and at the same time, failure to respect, ensure, and fulfill internationally and domestically guaranteed rights can be a trigger for environmental destruction. Rights-based approaches to conservation can serve to ensure that the protection of rights and biodiversity conservation become mutually reinforcing.

The Environmental Law Centre (ELC) of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has developed the “Rights-Based Approach to Conservation Portal”, with the support of the Senior Advisor – Social Policy and of members of two of the IUCN´s Commissions (CEL and CEESP), to promote and encourage a comprehensive application of rights-based approaches to conservation (RBA to Conservation).

The aim is for this platform to become a central point for collecting and sharing relevant information and experiences on the conceptualization, development and implementation of RBAs to conservation and for building an interactive community of stakeholders, in order to ensure the integration of rights considerations into conservation practices.

Through its interactive structure the portal aims at developing a community of stakeholders that will continue to share RBAs to conservation related information (case studies, publications, project information, events, etc.) and support the further promotion and development of RBAs worldwide.

This news link was provided by Louisa Denier, from the IUCN Environmental Law Center. Our hope is to provide a space for collaboration and exchange.

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